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Our Story

Since our family began this business back in 1938, the focus has always been on providing quality customer service. We believe if we consistently achieve a superior level of customer satisfaction, our entire organization will prosper.

Bruce Bauer opened his lumber company in Medford, Oregon in 1938.  After doing some developing in the San Francisco Bay area, he saw the need for a lumber yard and opened his second store in San Carlos, California in 1946. 

Originally opened as a contractor lumber yard, over the years we developed into a do-it-yourself home center with a strong emphasis on practical advice to home owners while offering quality merchandise and top of the line customer service.  

Don Thom bought the lumber yard from his father-in-law Bruce in 1966. In 1971, he bought out Bickell Brothers Lumber at San Antonio Circle in Mountain View, our current location.  Don had two of his sons, David and Darryl, working with him.  

Don Thom retired in 1989 and the business was passed on to Darryl and David.  In 1991, the San Carlos store was forced to close due to railroad expansion.  In 1993, an award-winning Andersen Window Showroom was added to the current Mountain View location.   

​Both of Darryl’s sons have continued working for the family business.  Brian runs the window and door department while Joel handles the company's IT and marketing.  We currently have over a dozen employees who have been with us for more than 10 years who feel like family as well!

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Meet our Team


Darryl Thom

Darryl began working at Bruce Bauer in 1973. One of Bruce Bauer's grandsons, he represents the 3rd generation and is the company President. 


Brian Thom

Brian represents the 4th generation of Bruce Bauer and has worked with the company for over 15 years.  He currently manages the Window and Door sales team.  


Ross Allgrove

Ross has been with Bruce Bauer since 1996 and has over 20 years of experience selling windows, doors and skylights.


Wayne Teo

Our yard foreman, Wayne has been working for Bruce Bauer Lumber since 1991 and can manipulate a forklift loaded with lumber anywhere you need it no matter how tight the space.


Mavae Sikei

"CK," as we call him, started out working in the construction industry and has been working in the lumberyard at Bruce Bauer since 2005.


Carolina Guttierez

Carolina is part of our window and door sales team.  With background in construction, she has industry knowledge that comes from having worked with contractors, customers and suppliers.  


Francisco Rojas

Francisco is our window & door service specialist as well as product delivery driver.  He has over 15 years of building materials and managerial experience with a background in maintenance. 


Kris Brandyberry

Kris is a long time veteran of the building materials industry and is one of our front counter experts. 


Bryce Hammell

Bryce is a member of our lumberyard pickup and delivery crew.  He's strong, full of energy and ready to help our customers!


David Thom

Nobody knows lumber better than David. He began working at Bruce Bauer in 1972.  David is part of the 3rd generation and is the company Vice President and lumber buyer. 


Joel Thom

Joel is part of the 4th generation at Bruce Bauer. He handles IT and marketing for the company.  


Noa Lemasani

Noa has been working at Bruce Bauer since 1990. He was our yard foreman for 14 years before moving into sales at the building materials counter.


Juan Monje

Juan has been with Bruce Bauer since 2001.  He is in charge of the Building Material/Hardware warehouse shipping and receiving department. Juan has the capacity to work the sales counter and the yard as well.


Tim Lisemby

Tim is one of our most experienced door salesmen with over 30 years in the industry.  He also works in our general building materials department and specializes in interior doors orders.  


Joe Zarate

Joe oversee's our window & door warehouse department. He has over 14 years of experience in building materials while specializing in receiving and pickup at his previous job. 


Joseph Harrison

Joseph has been with Bruce Bauer since 2019 and brings over 20 years of window sales knowledge to our team. 


Chris Carson

Chris is one of the handiest members of our crew and is a very skilled woodworker. He's your man for special cuts or advice on projects!


Giorgio Garcia

Giorgio is part of our building materials sales crew.  He loves working with our customers to make sure their project goals are met.

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