Ipe "Iron-Wood" Decking


Plentiful in South America, Ipe ("ee-pay") is one of the densest woods on the planet making it ideal for a thinner, exotic looking deck material. 

While we stock 1x6 Ipe at Bruce Bauer, we can also order different dimensions for deck accessories like pergolas, planter boxes, benches and more.  Ipe can be rough on saw blades so rather than ripping your own pieces to size, talk to our team about ordering pieces in the specific size that you need. 

Don't want to see the screw heads in your new Ipe deck? Consider purchasing a CAMO edge fastener system.  This cost effective, easy to use device makes it easy to achieve a smooth, blemish free Ipe deck surface that will continue to please the eye for decades.

Our Decking experts are standing by to help you re-imagine your yard. 

Bruce Bauer

Bruce Bauer opened his lumber company in Medford, Oregon in 1938.  After doing some developing in the San Francisco Bay area, he saw the need for a lumber yard and opened his second store in San Carlos, California in 1946.

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