Bruce Bauer Lumber & Supply Services

Plan Take off Service

If you have architectural drawings for windows and doors, we encourage you to set up a time to review and discuss them with our trained staff. We welcome the opportunity to consult with you regarding the many product features and options to insure all your project objectives are met. We have a plotter on hand that enables us to print full size copies of your plans.

Window/Door Service

Our factory trained window and patio door service staff are available to provide warranty as well as out of warranty repair and maintenance.

Cutting and Milling

We are able to cut lumber down to your specific dimensions for a small fee. Unfortunately, we are not able to make angled cuts at this time, but any straight (90 degree ) cuts or rips on plywood or lumber can be made by one of our yard staff members. Rips can be made on lumber up to 1 ½" thick. If a rip on material thicker than 1 ½" is needed, specialized cuts can be addressed by our manager.

  • Cross Cut on lumber (radial arm saws)    $0.50 per cut
  • Cross Cut on sheet goods (panel saw)     $2.50 per cut
  • Table saw rips                                       $0.25 per foot
  • Hourly cutting (for larger cutting jobs)     $60.00 an hour

Delivery Service

We offer full service delivery accommodations for all products sold including a staff dedicated solely to the unique handling requirements of our window and door goods.  We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate short turnaround times for those urgent needs that occasionally arise.