I just ordered a set of replacement windows and doors from Javier Villegas. I wanted to write to you to compliment you on an excellent, customer-focused employee.

Javier listened to my needs, suggested a solution, and worked with my budget. Every time I asked for additional choices and information, he was right there with the answers. Every time I changed my mind, he was very professional about figuring my requests into the proposal. Javier has been very timely in his email and phone communications. He’s never pushed, just stayed on top of the deal.

In these times of extreme cost cutting, good customer service becomes rarer. I appreciate the customer service I received – it made this sale. Additional thanks to you for working with me on my sliding glass door. I’m glad it worked out for both of us. Everyone I came in contact with at Bruce Bauer has been very helpful.

Best regards,

-Georgia L.


My name is Ken F.  Very rarely am I compelled to take time and write a letter of commendation but after my recent experience with Rick and Chris who delivered my windows I felt this was appropriate. I purchased three very large Anderson windows from your store and they were delivered to my home on Thursday. Not only did Rick and Chris take the time to put the windows where I needed them, but when they were in my home they noticed that I had several other Anderson windows. They asked if I was happy with the windows and doors and if I had had any problems with them. When I explained that indeed I did have problems with the doors they took the time to diagnose the problem and promised to return and drop off the parts after they had ordered them. This was my first time doing business with Bruce Bauer lumber but I guarantee we will be back. Indeed what rick and Chris did not know is that my wife and I just purchased some land and intend to build our dream home on it. I will be sure to use Bruce Bauer.

To meet people who not only went above and beyond the simple delivery to help me place the windows where I needed them but also to help me with problems that were nowhere within the scope of task at hand was refreshing.

You are very fortunate to have them as employees.

Thank you,

-Ken F., Menlo Park

Hi Darryl,

I don't think I have ever experienced service better than the service your company offered me over the last 24 hours. In fact it was less than 24 hours between the time I called you about my nonworking Marvin door handle and emailed you a photo of it to the time you had someone at my doorstep to fix it. It turned out that we needed a new screw and some information about how to maintain the door which your service person provided free of charge. Rick in your service/warehouse department followed up with me both to arrange the appointment and to make sure I got the information about the service call. You did not try to sell us an entire new handle even though I thought I might have to buy one, and everyone we dealt with was prompt and polite and completely professional and capable. WOW!! I am really impressed.

Thank you.

-Susie M.

Super friendly staff and a decent selection will make this the first place I come for hardware needs. You're not going to find donuts at Home Depot on Saturday mornings, but you will here.

-Brian T. via Yelp

We were right in the middle of moving our business when I found myself in need of a special type of lumber. I consulted the yellow pages (first mistake) and phoned the closest lumber yard. The person who answered the telephone informed me that they were not open for business that they were busy taking inventory AND that the next closest lumberyard was way South of here. ADDITIONALLY, she informed me that it is not the norm for a lumberyard to be open on Saturday.

I hung up in despair and tried Google and found Bruce Bauer Lumber in Mt. View, 15 min. South of our office. I was greeted on the telephone by friendly person who was well informed. He told me that they did indeed have the produt that I needed and that they were open until 4:00 PM & would be happy to assist. He even gave me detailed driving directions and his parting works were, "becareful it raining out there". (hmmmm, wonder why the first lady would lie?)

When I walked in I could smell the familiar scent of a lumber yard, the kind that you remember as a kid. The staff was very friendly, informatitive & even offered a "guilt free" doughnut & coffee while I waited. The people who loaded the lumber made certain that the lumber would not scratch the interior of our SUV!

While it may be WAY south of us (according to the first lady), I would make the trip anyday, rain or shine.

-Nikko A. via Yelp

TOTALLY helpful staff. These guys have moulding you can't find anywhere else, and much better quality lumber than anywhere else I've found - yes it's cheaper at Home depot, but their lumber sucks. These guys have good quality lumber and folks that will actually help you figure out what you need for your project. They are closed on Sundays as most contractors don't build on Sunday. (There are free donuts on Sat! too.)

-Andrew M. via Yelp

I cannot recommend Bruce Bauer Lumber & Supply more highly. A long time peninsula business, they folks have thrived because they consistently deliver fine service. During a couple window installation projects, Darryl Bauer would email me at 6 a.m., answering my questions. They showed up when they said they were going to show...and consistently were professional, friendly, and enjoyable to do business with.

-Jeffery H. via Yelp

This store has it all. From installed decks to help choose material color and type, to windows, doors and lumber.. Bruce Bauer has excellent service. Prices are higher than the big box stores but not by whole lot and to me worth it's worth a small premium avoiding the frustration and lack of knowledge found in the other monster stores.

-Jack T. via Yelp

Yes - prices are slightly higher than home depot. A 2x6 (8ft) piece of knotty fir would have cost $3.71 at home depot vs $3.99 at bruce bauer. But much much better quality lumber. (Although lumber prices do fluctuate).

And like the rest of the reviewers have said, SUPERB customer service. The Bauer family is just so warm! And yes, free donuts on Saturday. They never rushed to answer all my questions and I felt like they really cared about the project I was doing. I appreciate all the advice they gave me and I would definitely like to support more local neighborhood stores since I'm a resident of Mountain View.

-Joanna S. via Yelp

I had a great experience shopping at this lumber shop. I was specifically looking for Eichler beam flashing for the beams in my atrium. The employees who work there are super friendly. I searched 5 hardware stores and lumber yards before I was able to find exactly what I needed. At first, I had given up and was on my way out the door. Then, Paul (who really looked like a textbook lumberjack), asked me what it was I was looking for. He lead me directly to where they were. It was in the actual "lumber room" and I had not gone that far into the store. The flashing was there and in great condition. He helped to carry them to the cashier and also helped put them in my car. He was really friendly and added a great deal of information on how to work with that flashing as well. If you are an Eichler owner and need flashing for your beams, don't go to Lowes, Home Depot, Mintons, Sunnyvale Lumber, or Osh.  Been there! Bruce Bauer Lumber & Supply is THE place to go.

-Yvonne W. via Yelp